Center for Sustainable Energy EV101 Webinar Series

Electric Vehicle Public Charging Station

Makello is a program featured guest presenter and video educator for the community, speaking about EVs, discount utility rates, making money with energy storage, enhanced incentives for qualified individuals, charger types, public charging, home charging, grants, rebates, incentives and many clean air benefits. Book a FREE 15 minute appointment to: 1) Find out how Makello …

Makello Research Assistant in UCSD ESYS Capstone

AuroraSolar solar design model energy analysis irridiance

I was going into my last quarter of undergrad at UCSD when I started interning at Makello. The internship was part of my Senior Project, and I enjoyed working with a diversely skilled team.  I worked with people with experience in many fields including software/electrical engineering, solar installation, non-profit organizations, management experience, and GIS systems …

Apple on Wheels

Tesla has become the new standard for modern vehicles.

Apple, under Steve Jobs’s leadership, revolutionized the cell phone industry and defined the smart phone as we know it today. Tesla is positioned to do the same for the automotive industry. In 2012, Tesla reinvented the electric vehicle with the Model S and captured people’s desire for clean, sexy, and powerful.   Book an appointment …

What to Know About Plug-In Vehicles

What to Know About Plug-In Vehicles

Our Changing Climate SeriesPresentation by Charlie Q Johnson Thursday, July 11th 5:30 PM – 7:30 PMVista Library 700 Eucalyptus Ave., Vista, CA 92084 Are you ready to save money on solar power, EV charging or Energy Storage? Get an instant quote from Makello!

Wipomo presents at ASME

Below are two abstracts for projects he is presenting at ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, November 9-15, Houston, Texas. (See Track 6, Section 6-9-2 ‘Distributed Generation and CCHP’)APPLICATION OF AN ADVANCED SIMULATION MODEL TO A MICRO-CHP ORC-BASED SYSTEM FOR ULTRA-LOW GRADE HEAT RECOVERY Davide Ziviani, Asfaw Beyene¹, and Mauro Venturini²This paper presents the …