Wipomo’s Mobile Energy Ecosystem

Off-grid Plug-In Vehicle & small electronic charging station

Our off-grid, Plug-In Vehicle & personal electronics charging station delivers “Power when you want it, where you want it, day or night, even during a utility blackout”. The Wipomo Mobile Energy Ecosystem at the home showcase during SDRES Sustainability Tour 2013. People from left to right: Skip Fralick- California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE), Juergen Zierler- Architect Wipomo, Hubbell and …

Wipomo’s Mobile Energy Ecosystem – UCSD debut

Mobile Energy Ecosystem by Wipomo and Butler Sun Solutions

Wipomo unveiled the Mobile Energy Ecosystem at UCSD, during the 13th annual San Diego Sustainability Tour, an event organized by the San Diego Renewable Energy Society. The Mobile Energy Ecosystem is second generation off-grid electric vehicle and personal electronics charging station, designed by Wipomo and Butler Sun Solutions, Inc. Wipomo’s design made it possible to power a …

“Solar Slider” charges EVs at UCSD

Engineers for a Sustainable World students with Solar Slider

Engineers for a Sustainable World’s UCSD chapter students pose for photographers at UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, for the “First Launch Ceremony” of the SunEdison awarded grant project called the “Solar Slider”, used to charge campus electric vehicles and personal electronics.

Solar Slider debut at UCSD

Wipomo and ESW at the debut of the Solar Slider at UCSD

Wipomo sponsored the unveiling of ESW’s “Solar Slider” electric vehicle and charging station at UCSD. The “Solar Slider” popped pop-corn and cotton candy for students between classes, to demonstrate solar power generation and energy storage, in a park setting.

ESW Solar Tree Project at UCSD

The Engineers for a Sustainable World “Solar Tree Project”

The Engineers for a Sustainable World “Solar Tree Project” initial design document lists Charlie Johnson as an advisor, on behalf of Wipomo and as an elected board member of the San Diego Renewable Energy Society (SDRES). ESW Solar Tree Poster

ESW on CarTalk for “Green Island” at UCSD

Green Island project radio on CarTalk

Joseph Ocampo takes the Green Island project to radio on CarTalk, to promote sustainability education for renewable energy and electric vehicles at UCSD. With help from Kurt Lund (SDRES, UCSD PE) and Charlie Johnson (SDRES, Wipomo), the Engineer’s for a Sustainable World take a victory lap for their grant awarded project for on-campus off-grid, solar powered, …

ESW / UCSD awarded a SunEdison grant

The Engineer’s for a Sustainable World (ESW) chapter at UCSD was awarded a grant by SunEdison to build a “Green Island” off-grid electric vehicle and personal electronics charging station, to be used to by the students and staff, as part of a renewable energy education campaign to support UCSD’s campus green initiative.Charlie Johnson, on behalf of Wipomo, …