California utility customers may now qualify for higher SGIP battery rebates!

More customers may now qualify for SGIP rebates!

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has expanded the eligibility requirements for SGIP rebates.

The new supplementary criteria for qualifying for SGIP rebates are:

1. Experience one public safety power shutoff event (PSPS)


2. Experience one de-energization or power outage from an actual wildfire that occurred on or after January 1, 2017. 

*** The CPUC is referencing CalFIRE or similar agencies for the definition of wildfire.
***Additional eligibility requirements may apply. 

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*Makello, as an authorized distributor for Green Energy EPC (CA Lic 978836), cannot guarantee SGIP acceptance, funds availability, and rebate amount. Only the SGIP program administrator, can approve the Rebate Reservation Form application. When the SGIP program administrator accepts our application on your behalf, once approved, you’ll have up to 12 months to decide when to install, or request an extension.

A $1,000 refundable fee reserves your Solar Battery and SGIP Rebate Preparation, which includes the required site survey, Energy Analysis and purchase contract to sign, prior to the SGIP Rebate Reservation Form (RRF) submission.

This new eligibility criteria augments the original pathways to eligibility for SGIP rebates. You may qualify for a SGIP rebate even if you live outside a high fire-threat district as defined by the CPUC because the electric grid infrastructure boundaries do not match the high fire threat district boundaries. You may experience PSPS or de-energization events due to the wildfire because the fire perimeter disrupts your electric service or your electric service is on a circuit that is partially inside an area at risk for wildfire even though your home is not located in the at-risk zone. 

Please note, the CPUC high fire threat district boundaries are different from the CalFIRE high fire threat zones. You cannot use the CalFIRE high fire threat zones to determine SGIP eligibility.

Makello is able to help you prepare for electric service disruption with solar and battery storage. We start with a thorough energy usage analysis, sit down and talk to you about your energy usage and goals, design a custom system to meet your needs, complete and submit SGIP rebate apps for you. We strive to make it easier for you. 

If you are worried about your electric service being disrupted because of your medical condition or need electric equipment to treat your medical condition, please contact SDGE and notify them of your needs. SDGE is also able to help you determine your eligibility for special electric rates. Additionally, installing a solar system with battery storage may also benefit you. Please contact Makello and we will work with you to determine if solar or battery storage is right for you. You may also qualify for rebates on your installation. 

If you want to know if you have qualifying PSPS events or de-energization events due to an actual wildfire, please check with SDGE or your local utility provider to find out the number of PSPS events or wildfire caused de-energization or power outage events your electric circuit has experienced. Then contact Makello to get started on your solar electric or battery storage project. 

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Makello is an authorized distributor for Green Energy EPC CA Lic #978836