Time to ‘Kick Gas!’ and Clean Up Indoor Air Quality

Market prices are rising fast for Natural Gas, because of international and domestic natural gas supply shortages, and because damaged infrastructure is not fully operational.

Natural Gas prices doubled in 2021.  Could Natural Gas prices double again in 2022?  Prices on the left axis is in USD per MMBtu.
Natural Gas prices doubled in 2021. Could Natural Gas prices double again in 2022? Prices spiked during the 2008 Financial Crisis. Currently, there are multiple financial crises, on-going. (Price on the left axis is in USD per MMBtu.)

Makello recommends to take the following steps, for Optimal Cost Savings, lowest GHG emissions and Energy Independence:

Solar Power + Energy Storage + Plug-In Vehicle + Replace Natural Gas Appliances

Q: What makes solar power and energy storage payback even faster?
A: Plug-In Vehicles and Energy Efficient Appliances, charged from solar or from a battery.

Learn more about 400% – 700% Efficient Heat Pump Water Heater, Heat Pump Dryer and Heat Pump Air-Conditioner / Heater appliances for your home.

Ultra Eficient Appliances Guide
Makello’s Energy Analysis uncovers ways to save money in avoided utility electric cost, and avoided solar power and battery costs. Ultra efficient appliances that replace natural gas appliances, can clean up the Interior Air Quality and reduce risk in the home.

Ultra-efficient appliances, timers and controls, payback fast with savings in supplies and avoided solar, battery and electric panel integration costs. Do you really have the time to research everything yourself? Let Makello do the homework for you!

1) Find out how Makello can help you. 2) Discuss your energy needs. 3) FREE Energy Savings Estimate.

■ Outsmart the utility, by replacing natural gas appliances!
□ Avoid non-bypassable charges, taxes, fees and Minimum Bill penalties that would normally occur for months of overproduction.
□ Get a larger utility baseline allowance discount for electric Heat Pump Water Heating.
• Add and store Thermal Energy when utility rates are lowest and when solar production is in excess of loads.
• Cool / Dehumidify interior room(s).
• If adding more solar for HPWH, then during a utility blackout, with a battery there is extended autonomy.
□ Gain usable conditioned space in the home, currently valued at $700-$2,000/sq ft in San Diego, when replacing a gas furnace and removing ductwork, in exchange for a heat pump air-conditioner/heater.
□ Reduce air pollutants and carcinogens, indoors and around the house.
□ Reduce fire risk.

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Once you have installed solar power and have a Net Energy Metering agreement with the utility, you may soon discover that it is advantageous to schedule loads during peak sun hours. This is because the utility charges a “loan fee” for each kWh of power used from the utility that is later replaced with solar power. Utility Cost Savings is highest when consuming solar power as it is produced or storing it in a battery for consumption during peak utility rates, rather than sending it back to the utility for credit.