Joyrider Changes Everything (2021)

3.96 minutes Sci-Fi 1/25/2021 (USA)
Electric Vehicle EV Grin Joyrider
Joyrider EV Grin drive electric now
Get your own EV Grin. Joyrider

Synopsis: An EV “Ride N Drive” event takes a supernatural detour, when riders temporarily, uncontrollably and inexplicably become “Energy Zombies”, smitten by the overpowering experience of driving electric for the 1st time, with instant torque, no noise and zero emissions.

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Director: Patrick Canler.

Writers: Charlie Johnson, Agustin Mata.

Editors: Patrick Canler, Christina Morales Hemenway.

Actors: William May-Kidd: Charlie Johnson; Ping “Tek” Han: Songxuan Liu; Flint “Fozzy” Bjorn: Jarod Donahue.


In 1916, Camille Jenatzy, a race car driver known for his red beard as “the Red Devil”, reportedly contacted an unknown driver-mechanic named Otto Stiggler by Telegraph. The message requested for Otto to take his place for hire, in the first race to the top of “Pike’s Peak” Colorado Springs, Colorado, driving a “La Jamais Contente”, the first Electric Vehicle to break the 100km/hr speed record, modified to improve driver position aerodynamics.

first electric vehicle jamais contente
Illustration of the original “La Jamais Contente”, first automobile and Electric Vehicle to reach 100 km/h, in 1899.
Electric Vehicle Jamais Contente
Photo of Camille Jenatzy and his wife riding in the “La Jamais Contente”

While the vehicle was “in transit from Belgium”, Otto was instructed to practice often at Pike’s Peak, to learn the dirt race course’s hairpin turns, dips and ruts, while using his preferred selection of many gas powered vehicles of the day.

”La Jamais Contente” arrived 2 days before the 1st Pike’s Peak Race, and was transported by carrier truck directly to the starting line to preserve battery charge for the course. By the time the prototype vehicle was unpacked, the 1916 Pike’s Peak course access was about to close.

Pikes Peak Colorado Springs
The condition of this 1943 road is a significant improvement to the early Pikes Peak races.

Otto managed to convince a departing race attendant, Ali Madohan, to allow him to drive the course. Ali gave Otto a signal flare to use when he reached the finish line at the top of Pike’s Peak, or in case of emergency.

According to Ali, with help from a Good Samaritan, Otto struggled to squeeze his lower body into the recessed cockpit. The shape of the cockpit required the upper body to be reclined in an almost supine position, below a nearly fully enclosed canopy that reporters described as “a metal coffin with a “cupola” shaped protrusion for the driver’s head”.

After pushing the vehicle to the starting line, Ali received a “ready sign” hand signal through the “cupola” opening slit, and the attendant waved the starting flag.

“La Jamais Contente” leapt from the Start Line quickly and silently, but within seconds, according to Ali’s statement, “there was a simultaneous flash of light and a crack of thunder,” which reportedly knocked several birds to the ground, temporarily stunned, and sent Ali ducking for cover with his hands over his ears.

This mysterious nearby object was found to transmit wireless power.
Tesla wireless power transmission
These three lights in a nearby field are pictured receiving wireless power.

Ali was quoted as saying, “I heard a mixture of barking and laughing. The barking seemed to come from the trees above and below both sides of the road. The laughing sounded like it came from inside a big metal drum, and it reverberated off the canyon rock walls, until the car disappeared into the hills beyond the 3rd turn.” Any objective observer would have assumed Otto was howling with laughter.

Upon witnessing a flare that originated from the finish line area, Ali recorded an unofficial pre-trial time of 20:45.90.

Otto and “La Jamais Contente” did not return to the Start Line to qualify for the 1916 Pike’s Peak race. The first Penrose Trophy was awarded to Rea Lentz with an official record time of 20:55.60, driving an internal combustion engine vehicle.

After several days missing, and at the request of Otto’s family, local officials formed a search party. The carrier truck was reportedly found near the former site of the Tesla Experimental Station, which was a wireless power transmission test facility.

Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Pike Peak
Nikola Tesla sitting under his transmitter in his Colorado Springs lab surrounded by millions of volts.
Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs lab
Nikola Tesla created an experimental station outside of Colorado Springs to test wireless transmission of electric power.

A printed telegram transmission from Jenatzy was located in the truck and detectives contacted authorities in Belgium for more information. The truck was found to have been purchased anonymously at auction from the lot of decommissioned assets originating from Tesla’s Experimental Station.

Colorado detectives learned that the unidentified carrier truck who called himself “Dino” had fled the area. A rambling note in the vehicle, alleged that Otto was not the race driver of the modified “La Jamais Contente”, and that a man who identified himself as ‘Camille’ was seen near Otto before the race, assisting with preparations.

The family of Camille Jenatzy was interviewed and they reported to authorities in a sworn statement, that Camille Jenatzy died in 1913, and that the original “La Jamais Contente”, was in Belgium, and that no one had contacted them from the United States about shipping Camille’s prize winning, record setting electric race car.

The vehicle was never recovered and the circumstances surrounding Otto’s disappearance remains a mystery, as to who was the driver, Otto, “Dino”, “Ali”, “Camille”, or as some believed, Camille’s ghost, or possibly Nikola Tesla himself.

What some attribute to folk lore, others say is conspiracy, yet others say is fact. But is it possible that wireless power was part of “La Jamais Contente” unofficial Pike’s Peak record? Tesla had recently designed, tested and de-commissioned the preliminary version of the “Wardenclyffe Tower” nearby in Colorado Springs. Tesla’s invention later proved capable of transmitting power wirelessly through the atmosphere, via a propagating wave through the Earth’s mantle, as he claimed, to any location around the world.

Wardenclyffe Tower Nikola Tesla New York wireless power
Nikola Tesla designed and built the Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Beach, New York between 1901 and 1902 to experiment with wireless power transmission. Click on the photo to learn more.

About The Creators

Joyrider is a fictional story loosely based on actual events, for the purpose of entertainment, sharing and exploring the concept of the “EV Grin”, which is the infectious joy and smile that instantly takes over a person when they first experience driving electric.

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